Some nice words from our clients. The funds are strictly designed to help single-family homeowners retrofit their residences for safety purposes.
Sue Holian Landlord

It is a pleasure to express my appreciation for all of Frank Bozikovich’s hard work in securing a lease for the former Denny’s Restaurant to the new Skyway Diner in St. Petersburg.

I was informed by the corporate headquarters for Denny’s Restaurant, that they intended not to renew their lease of my property (40+ years). Being my age, a widow and really counting on this income producing restaurant, this was quite stressful to me.

Frank was placed in the position of finding a tenant with very little help from myself, Denny’s Corporation and as well as the then-subleasing tenant at the time. He was not allowed to put up a “For Lease” sign and had very little information about the operation of Denny’s as well as the condition of the building itself. Furthermore, he had the added restriction of not being able to show any potential interested parties (not having the full access of the building), because I did not want him to disturb the tenants.

Finally, I was amazed at Frank’s steadfast determination in securing the present tenants, which had quite a few ups and downs as well. I want to thank him for his honesty, his knowledge of the present market conditions and his total “doggedness” to see this lease come to fruition. Many thanks again.

Chris Hunt, First Class Moving Tenant

It has truly been a pleasure working with Erik Anderson and the whole team at Commercial Partners! Erik was able to help us negotiate our way out of our existing lease without burning a bridge and help us find new space. Because of the nature of our operations and the fact that we do business with the Department of Defense, we had very detailed criteria. Erik Anderson was able to accommodate us on all of our needs and find us the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’.

Erik secured us a very competitive lease rate and was able to secure us a purchase option. Erik is a true professional who has the expertise and competence in the Tampa Bay commercial real estate market needed to find a suitable location. I highly recommend Erik and his team!